Colorful Crocheted Cotton Afghan – Brings Cheer to Your Spac-YEB045

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Material: Four strands of combed cotton

Production process: pure hand crochet

Softness: Soft

Thickness: Moderate

Size: 102cm x 141cm

Other sizes contact customer service for customization

Return Policy: FREE Lifetime Replacement.


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Fresh and natural blanket and throw pillow

This throw blanket is inspired by the flowers by the pond and the reflection in the water. Wildflowers and ferns are used as the main decoration for the flower part, with rich and warm colors, fresh and natural. When used as a throw pillow, the flowers are three-dimensional and vivid, and when unfolded as a blanket, they are like reflections in the water.

YarnEden Blanket YEB045

Skin-friendly and warm

This handmade blanket is crocheted with four strands of combed cotton, which is soft and natural to the skin. The back of the blanket is stitched with a Falaise fleece blanket, which is delicate and soft, skin-friendly, and warm. The length of the blanket is 141cm and the width is 102cm. It is designed to be large, increasing the practicability of the blanket, and can be used by adults and children.

Multifunctional Blanket

This blanket is suitable for use as a cover blanket, or decorative blanket. You can always keep a blanket like this in the office and keep it warm when you take a nap. It can also be placed on the sofa at home, on the reclining chair, and draped on the body to keep it warm. The blanket is a zipper design, which can be used for multiple purposes. It can be folded and zippered, and it becomes a pillow. It can be placed on a chair in the office or at home, used as a cushion to protect our waist and placed in the car. Behind the seat, it is more comfortable to drive.

Additional Instruction:

[Why combed cotton]

Combed cotton is also a kind of cotton. Combing refers to a process. In the process of spinning, the comber removes short cotton fibers and impurities cotton, leaving long and neat fibers. The resulting yarn is also smoother and more flexible.

Cotton which has not undergone the combing step tends to be rougher, and it will be more subject to fraying, pilling, and tearing. After about 3-5 washes, there will be a noticeable difference.

The fabric woven from combed cotton yarn is smoother and has better fineness and luster and is more washable and durable than ordinary cotton fabrics; also, because of the high fiber purity, the fabric is dyed with uniform color and no spots will appear.

Since combed cotton is higher than ordinary pure cotton fabrics, some manufacturers will mark 100% combed cotton to increase the price. However, it is not easy to distinguish whether there is combed cotton with the naked eye, because some subtle defects on the surface can be detected by dyeing and finishing technology.

[Cleaning & Caring]

Machine, hand wash, and dry cleaning are possible, with low-temperature water wash, neutral detergent, do not soak for a long time, not ironed, and allowed to dry naturally. We recommend that you put them in a laundry bag when cleaning, it should be handled gently when washing because the blanket will become very heavy after being immersed in water. A reasonable washing method can ensure the color and comfort of the blanket to the greatest extent. Proper maintenance can extend the life of the blanket. So we suggest more hand washing or spot washing, less machine washing.

[Delivery Date]

All our blanket is handmade, which means we have to make them after your confirmed order. For a normal-size blanket, we promise within 7 days for production, and then we will ship it to you directly. If it’s a large blanket, 10 days is enough before shipping.

[Return Policy]

 Receiving Stage: If you ever have an issue with your YarnEden handmade blanket, please get in touch with us as soon as possible, we will always make it right! We provide you with 7 x 24 hours customer support, your shopping will no longer have troubles and worries.

 Using Stage: Free Lifetime Replacement. YarnEden pays attention to our customers. If there’s any trouble with you during your use, no matter if it’s dirty enough, old, or break, whatever, we can send you an exact same new one for your replacement for free. What’s more, if you are tired of that version in your hand and will change to a new blanket but with a higher price, you can just pay the extra cost. What you only need to pay is the shipping cost.


This item is handmade. As with all handcrafted work, it creates slight variations in color, size, and design. A slight difference can be expected from one piece to another. Also, color discrepancies may occur between this product and your computer screen.

YarnEden Blanket YEB045 YarnEden Blanket YEB045 YarnEden Blanket YEB045 YarnEden Blanket YEB045 YarnEden Blanket YEB045 YarnEden Blanket YEB045 YarnEden Blanket YEB045

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