Crochet Granny Square Tote Bag -YEG043

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100% crochet by hand

Fabric material: cotton yarn

Size: 36*31cm

Lining: thick canvas lining

Type:Granny Square Tote

Other size and color contact customer service for customization


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Exquisite Craftsmanship

Each square is meticulously hand-crocheted to ensure the bag’s high quality and distinctiveness. The 3D floral embellishments showcase the skillful artistry of our craftsmen.

Vintage Granny Square Pattern

The square crochet pattern imparts a retro charm to the bag, adding a touch of uniqueness to your fashionable appearance.

Lining (1)

3D Floral Embellishments

Intricate 3D flowers are intricately embedded at the center of each square, adding depth and vitality to the bag. The detailed texture of the flowers resembles real blooms, infusing the bag with life.

Spacious Interior

Designed with ample space, the bag’s interior can accommodate your daily essentials, making it suitable for both workdays and weekend getaways.


Versatile Pairing

The 3D Floral Granny Square Crochet Tote Bag is suitable for various occasions, whether paired with casual wear, formal attire, or summer dresses, allowing your unique taste to shine.

Artisanal Beauty

Handcrafted production imbues each bag with a unique sense of artistic beauty, allowing you to experience distinctive fashion allure.


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