Granny square creative tote bag -YEG054

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100% crochet by hand

Fabric material: cotton yarn

Lining: thick canvas lining

Size: 35cm x 31cm


Other size and color contact customer service for customization


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Lining (1)

Unique Smiley Face Design

This shoulder bag showcases an adorable smiley face pattern created using Granny Square techniques, bringing a smile to your face.

Sturdy Canvas Lining

The bag is lined with durable canvas to ensure the safe storage and protection of your items.

Lining (2)

Versatile Storage

It includes interior pockets and a zipper for easy organization and storage of your essentials, big capacity, and can be used as a mommy bag.

Wide Shoulder Strap with Lace Accents

The wide shoulder strap features lace accents, providing both enhanced load-bearing capacity and stability.

Customizable Color and Size

Personalize the bag by choosing your preferred color and size to meet your needs.

YarnEden Handmade Bag -YEG054 YarnEden Handmade Bag -YEG054

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