Granny suquare crocheted crossbody bag -YEG055


100% crochet by hand

Fabric material: cotton yarn

Lining: thick canvas lining

Type:drwastring bag/crossbodybag

Other size and color contact customer service for customization


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Unique Granny Square Design

This crossbody drawstring bag showcases a distinctive pattern created using Granny Square crochet techniques, making it truly one-of-a-kind.

Adorable Ugly Doll Motifs

The bag is adorned with playful Ugly Doll motifs, adding a charming and whimsical element to its design.

YarnEden Handmade Bag -YEG055

Spacious Storage

Despite its compact size, this bag offers ample storage capacity, making it ideal for carrying your everyday essentials.

Convenient Crossbody Design

The crossbody strap allows for easy and convenient carrying, keeping your hands free for other tasks.

Drawstring design

The bag is equipped with a drawstring design that can be easily opened and closed to ensure the safety of your items

YarnEden Handmade Bag -YEG055

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