Handcrafted Sunflower Bouquet -YEO003

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100% crochet by hand

Fabric material: cotton yarn

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Total price for three pieces $43 (contact customer service to change the price)

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Exquisite Handcraft:

Each sunflower is carefully crafted by our skilled artisans, ensuring high quality and uniqueness.

Naturally Lifelike:

Our crochet sunflowers not only capture the vibrant yellow hue of real sunflowers but also replicate their distinct floral shape, immersing you in a colorful floral haven.

Yarn Materials:

Not real flowers, not fake flowers, handmade yarn flowers.

Versatile Uses:

This crochet sunflower serves not only as a decorative piece for spaces like living rooms, bedrooms, and studies but also as a thoughtful gift for your family and friends, conveying your care and blessings.

Easy Maintenance:

Unlike real plants, the Radiant Sunflower Crochet Décor requires no watering or pruning, ensuring it stays perpetually vibrant without wilting. This saves you from the hassle of upkeep.


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